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It is a Libyan company specializing in the field of information technology and computer services, where the company was established in April-2012 by a group of engineers with extensive experience in this field, that the experience of the cadres in it worked greatly to publicize the company and show its capabilities in many opportunities, The company had the honor to cooperate and work with a number of public and private entities 

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The company’s work team is selected according to its specialization, as engineers and professors in the field of computer and information technology are selected strictly, and the company periodically monitors all graduates from technical colleges and universities until they are included in the work team, in order to ensure that our customers deal with competent, experienced and trustworthy people

works accomplished


EZDEHAR Co designed and created this application for communication between the administration of educational authorities and between students and their parents, and this application is considered the first application of its kind in Libya, as it was released in mid-2017 and has been implemented in more than 30 schools officially, and development and follow-up of the system is done. Periodically


It is an integrated electronic system for municipalities designed to unify the municipal system with the management of the municipal guard and commercial activities. This system is also characterized by controlling all operations related to commercial activities within the municipalities.

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EZDEHAR Co designed and created this application for communication between social event halls and individuals, and targets all individuals who are coming to make social events, as the application connects the halls of social events with individuals wishing to make reservations in these lounges, as it was released in the middle of 2020, The development and follow-up of the system is done periodically to meet all customer needs