Our services

The company provides a number of services to clients, whether individuals or companies

Design and development of sites and systems design

The company includes a work team consisting of a group of engineers with experience in the field of systems programming, where these cadres are allocated to serve the customer and know the details of his work requirements so that the system or his site can be designed according to his perception, as there are many sessions between the engineer and the customer in order to reach the perception Required

Software project management

Software project management includes a number of activities that include project planning, defining the scope of software products, estimating cost under various conditions, scheduling tasks and events, and managing resources

Training courses in the field of computer and information technology

The training department provides complete comfort for the trainees by equipping the laboratories with the finest and best desks, comfortable chairs and modern computers, in addition to workshops for practical courses

Designing smart phone applications
( IOS– Android )

The company designed both applications
iStudy and Bridal with the pinnacle of professionalism and the latest technology available immediately

Installing networks and surveillance systems

The company carries out the installation and maintenance of networks through a special team consisting of a group of network engineers who have obtained the International Certificate (CCNA) in the field of networks

Equipping offices, laboratories and headquarters

The company provides individuals and public entities with all equipment related to information technology and the world of computers and its accessories, as the equipment includes desktop and laptop computers, in addition to all their accessories, such as visual display devices and printers